SEAP Public Procurement

IGCTI (General Inspectorate of Communications and Information Technology) is a public institution created by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to manage radio spectrum, to monitor and control communication activities by operating projects at national level.
“The governmental e-procurement solution for public institutions benefits from a very good reputation at international level, fact which is proven by the many awards it has been granted. The system is according to the Ministerial Statement of Manchester, among the 9% of European public procurement systems that meet, simultaneously, most EU requirements. The system was developed by Romanian people, proving thus our competency in the software development area. SEAP is here to prove that public procurements can be done rapidly, efficiently and at lower costs”, Cătălin Marinescu, IGCTI President
In early 2000, the computerization of public administration by creating on-line electronic systems for the connection between state institutions and private companies was high on MCSI’s agenda. The most important project proved to be the creation of a single market in which companies and public institutions could meet to exchange goods and services. The need for such a system, determined MCSI to launch an auction at the end of which a software provider capable of providing such a platform would be chosen. The contract was awarded to UTI Group, which in turn contracted TotalSoft for the project development.


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