Gamification Mobile App for Servier Pharma

In the effort of updating the mobile workforce, Servier Pharma, one of the most important pharmaceutical companies present in Romania, initiated a project based on Windows 8 tablets and on the revolutionary concept of ”gamification”.

An international Gallup survey, conducted as a result of a sociological research conducted in 2011 and 2012 in more than 140 countries, shows that only 13% of employees are truly engaged in their work, 63% of them are disinterested and unmotivated to undertake any extra effort, while 24% are actively disinterested, unhappy and unproductive. In this context, the development of innovative programs to attract as many as possible followers into the category of employees who come to work with pleasure, is a concern and at the same time, a challenge for large companies. Could the introduction of the gamification concept into employee’s daily activity represent a solution to this intercession’s success?

  • CLIENT Compani Inc.
  • YEAR 2015
  • WE DID Design Mockups, Marketing
  • PARTNERS Beo Agency
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